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The base of our relationship with God

Good works

"Faith without works is dead"



Christian Meditation

Developing our relationship with God through deep prayer.



A Christian voice and shoulder in our Community



A Franciscan approach to Christian life


The Gospel

Studying and sharing the Gospel




Love - of Nature, animals and our fellow man


Christian Healing

"Those who believe in me will lay hands on the sick"


The Secret of St Francis

The Prayer of St Francis

Saint Francis of Assisi Receives Stigmata

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New Forest Franciscans


New Forest Franciscans are a community of Christians, based in the New Forest, England, who seek and live a Franciscan Christian life including:

  • Prayer
  • Christian Meditation
  • Simplicity
  • Love - of Nature, animals and our fellow man
  • Good works
  • A Christian voice and shoulder in our Community
  • Studying and sharing the Gospel
  • Christian Healing

526 chickens saved!

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Earlier this year, we were approached by a local chicken farmer who had over 500 chickens coming to the end of their commercial egg-laying life. The farmer is a great animal lover and could not bear to let his chickens go to slaughter, as normally happens in commercial egg production. So he enlisted the help of New Forest Franciscans to find homes for the chickens and save their lives.


Having rehomed a batch of over 300 chickens for another farmer at a similar time last year, we had a list of local people who have offered homes to rescue chickens in the past. So these lovely people were our first point of contact! We also placed adverts in the Lymington Times and opened a group on Facebook and set up a web site (


Gradually, after many phone calls and emails, the little grey book of chicken homes filled up and, with God's help, we managed to find enough homes for all of the chickens.


It was confirmed to us this week that, in total, we saved 526 chickens. The farmer was delighted that all of his chickens lived and were able to move on to family homes. New Forest Franciscans are giving much thanks to God for his quietly guiding hand and mercy on all his beautiful creatures.